Excerpts from my book " Operating the Expeller"

   In India thousands of expellers are working in oil mills for extraction of oils. These expellers are spread over in cities, towns and villages. The expellers are run by operators who have practical experience with no scientific background.

The oil mill managers have to depend only on the knowledge of the operators available with them. It becomes some times a difficult situation when machine gives problem due to inadequate knowledge of the operator. At that time some guidance is necessary. It has been felt throughout the country that if any guidance of practical importance is available to the managers of the oil mills, it shall be quite useful.

I hope that it will provide all primary necessary information to the oil millers/ Managers and operators and shall be useful to them. Suggestions from the readers for further improvement of the book would be gratefully accepted.


  1. Various activities of oil mills
  2.  Role of moisture, temperature and fibrous material in cooking and expelling the oil seeds 
  3.  Practical operational guidelines for expellers.
  4. General problems, their causes and solutions.
  5. Some important oil seeds and their oils